Hey!  Remember the AWESOME CCS fellow from 2010, Max de Radigues?  WELL, he was chosen as a special selection in the ONGOING Angouleme Comics Festival in France for his new book, "Meanwhile in White River Junction" called "Pendant ce Temps a White River Junction" in French.  It's an awesome book, and he's an awesome guy!  I miss him tons!



Sigh!  Well, this is it guys!  Again, I have, by no means, exhausted the current Bikeman page surplus, but I've gotten too close to the point at which I've printed Minicomics.  The idea of starting this Bikeman webcomic was to be a sort of archive for pages that had already been released in minicomic form.  If I pass that point and start posting pages that aren't in print, it just doesn't make sense.  So, for now, this dragon is going to take a mystic slumber!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned!
Also, I haven't played the new Zelda: Skyward Sword game, but a couple people now have said that you can spot a Bikeman-esque character running one of the shops in the game .  Apparently he runs an airship and uses a bike pedaling system to keep it aloft!  My heart soooooooooons!


Bikeman Page 154

Hello faithful Bikeman readers!  It is with a heavy heart that I am to inform you that this will be the last week of Bikeman updates before I take a little bit of a hiatus.  Now, DON'T WORRY, we have, by no means, exhausted the amount of Bikeman pages that have already completed.  There is another 150 waiting in the wings.  However, we are starting to catch up with the minicomics that have been released thus far.  Also, work on other projects has occupied a lot of my time.  Stuff like Leo Geo, work for the Air National Guard, Leo Geo 2 (!!), and pinball work for Stern (!!), has come onto the front burner.  Bikeman will continue!  The pages are there!  We're just going to take a little break!
This spring is going to be pretty crazy, but it's going to be a lot of fun!  Amongst all the who-haw, there are multiple places where you can get your Jon Chad fix:

- Drop Taget Zine Blog: The blog for the pinball zine that Alec Longstreth and I do.  We're still going strong and are starting to shape up the next issue.
-The Stern Pinball Blog: The currently only manufacturer of pinball machines has graciously extended a portion of their site for Alec and I to run wild.  I post illustrations and dream machines.
- The Fizzmont Institute of Rad Science: The fake science institute that bankrolls my Leo Geo books has asked me to start writing a blog that covers what goes on at the Fizzmont Auxiliary Imaging Division.  It has somewhat turned into a crafting site that goes over various screen-printing, letterpress, and handmade objects that I create all from the world of Leo Geo.  Science!


Bikeman Page 153


Bikeman Page 152


Bikeman Page 151


Bikeman Page 150

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!  Somehow, I've managed to keep my miserable carcass on this planet for 26 years.  I don't see 26 as any sort of sizable milestone, but, if nothing else, it means that the annual brouhaha known as the Capricornucopia is right around the corner.  Man alive, if there is one party that I'll NEVER miss, it's the Capricornucopia.  Last year the theme was time travelers.  I dressed up as...me, but I was carrying around a baby doll all night that was ALSO DRESSED AS ME!  It was me from the past.  I tried to keep the little guy out of trouble, but it's hard!


Bikeman Page 149



Sigh, I know that these transition pages must be getting tedious, so I have a little extra something something for you all.  Recently, my floor-mate (and awesome student) Laurel Leake and I held a Cat and Gold-Themed floor party.  It was ba-zonkers.  I wanted to add an extra Jon-Chad-touch to the decorations, so I screen-printed some gold and cat prints.  This was one of my first forays into halftone printing, and I was EXTREMELY surprised with how well it worked.

There were about five different cats, gold bars, gold coins, and a big money sign.  The coolest thing about these prints were that they were derived from images downloaded off the web.  72dpi.  They held up really well.  Here was my favorite:

The SAD thing is that this is the first image that comes up if you google "King Cat" on google image search.  Are you for real, Google?  'Cause, last time I checked, there was a little something called King Cat Comics!  You know, 72 issues!  Loved by all!  Ugh, whatever.  That cat is so regal, I'm going to let it slide.


Bikeman Page 147