I did a month's worth of strips a week ago, so here they are. The classes I teach are going well. I taught a bookbinding class last week, and THAT WENT WELL. This week I taught two classes: a general class to high school students about comics, and then I taught another silkscreening class. The book that I am working on is going well, and I think I just might post a page if you guys promise not to tell people about it, 'kay? The Atlanta Braves might get mad, y'all. I make the constant mistake to wait until late to post, so I'm always low on energy, and my powers of articulation are far gone. Oh well.


I'm really bad at posting on blogs on time. To make things worse, I'm doing a new children's book, and I can't post any of those pages. I have 4 robot dave strips though, and after I teach my silkscreening class on friday, i'll post some stuff