Bikeman Page 77

Oh em gee!  Bike tattoos!?  A bread bar?!  Truly we've stumbled into an alternate dimension where heaven is shaped by my whims.

I'm all packed up and ready for the Geek Speak Super Show this weekend.  Me, Colleen, Charles Foresman, Alex Kim, and a couple other people are going to be part of the Izzer Alley, which is being put on by the good people at Indie Spinner Rack!  I'm pretty pumped about the show.  I'm also getting myself geared up for some surprise pinball along the way!  Who knows!?  I might stumble upon a copy of the new Stern game, Rolling Stones...


Bikeman Page 76

Oh ha ha ha ha ha!  Bread jokes!  When people ask what prompted me to draw this book, I rustle up a couple sound, smart-sounding reasons.  I also like to sum it up with, "it's basically a love letter to all the things I like."  Really, though, shouldn't that be the only reason we draw stuff?!  We really should only draw stuff that we like! 

I'm getting ready to appear at a show this weekend in Reading, PA, the Geek Speak Super Show!  It should be a lot of fun!  I've never been to a show as mainstream as this one seems and I'm pretty pumped!!  I'll have a half table next to Colleen Frakes, my partner in crime.

Also, if you haven't gotten wind of it from other internet sources, the SECOND issue of the pinball zine that Alec Longstreth and I put together, Drop Target Zine, is now available for order! 

DROP TARGET #2 - The D.I.Y. Issue
44 pages - 5.5" x 8.5" - B&W printing
First Printing: 8.5" x 14" full-color centerfold, screenprinted cover

- From Zeros to Heroes: Part 2 - OWNERSHIP
PINHALLS: The Pinball Hall of Fame - Las Vegas, NV
DREAM MACHINES: Avatar: the Last Airbender and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
TILT TALK: Interview with Pinball Hall of Fame mastermind Tim Arnold
THE REPLAY REVIEW: Medieval Madness
- VIDEO MODE: This Old Pinball
You can stroll over to the Drop Target Zine Blog and pick up your copy TODAY!  Have a groovy week!


Bikeman Page 75

Things are really busy here at Jon Chad HQ, as always.  I've been getting close to selling out of Bikeman Issue 1, so I decided to do a quick reprint just to get through the summer.  When I first screen-printed the BM#1 cover, I thought it was really subtle and delicate, but over the year I've grown to really dislike it.  It just doesn't spring out at you enough and catch your eye...

I printed up a new cover for the 75 that I am reprinting.

Also, If you haven't sauntered over to the store in a while, please feel free to!  I've put up the 3rd issue of Bikeman for realsies.  Now you can get even further ahead than the web version is!


Bikeman Page 74

Hey Everybody!  I really like the last panel!

I went to Paint & Pixel this weekend and had a total blast.  It was, I'll admit, extremely exhausting.  I spent the majority of the day doing portfolio reviews for CCS.  When I was done,  I had about 15 minute left in the show.  I decided just to take a breather and not spend the last minutes of the day running around.  It was exactly what I needed but I'm pretty bummed I missed out on some good trading opportunities!! 

There's still more shows this season, though!!  I'm going to be attending the Geek Speak Super Show, which is new to me, and I have NO IDEA what to expect.  I'm also going to MECAF, which is always a thrill!

Things are getting really busy here at the school with the Thesis Project due!  Teaching-wise, things are cooling down, but I'm also in the final stages of the Leo Geo art, which is really exciting!  This whole town is putting its collective shnoz to the grindstone!


Bikeman Page 73


Bikeman Page 72

Oh my god!  I loved drawing this page.  I would love to just put anything and stick that word balloon to it


I'm trying out this new (well, new to me) feature where I can send a certain post to a certain email address and WOWZAH!!  The email appears as a web post!  I hope it works!  MoCCA was really amazing this weekend, but I'll give all you kittens and cats the low-down later.  Needless to say it was a ton of fun!  Also, I'm on Twitter now! Does this link work?  Follow me at @jon_chad



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