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Bikeman Page 145 and a Chad Xmas Update!

Ahhhh, another transition page!  How atmospheric!  It's like the sun cresting over the horizon on Christmas morning.  Wait!  Xmas is IN TWO DAYS!!  I got back into Burlington, VT (where my parents live) on the night of the 22nd; just in time for the Annual Chadurjian Christmas Triathlon on the 23rd!  Event number 1 is the annual bloodletting, where we all go down to the Red Cross and donate blood.  The machines that draws blood records how long your donation takes, thus giving us quantifiable numbers as to how we did.  For the second year in a row I won this event with a (not too great) time of 5:48.  It was a good enough time though!  Mom Chad came in close second at 5:53.  Too close for comfort. 

The second event is the annual cookie decorating.  This year was tough.  My brother was really clever with the angel-shaped cookies.  Here's tray 1:

Here we can see a diagram of a breast done by my sister on the left, a Boston Celtics player below that, and a shark head by my brother on the right-ish side of the tray.  Here's tray 2:

My brother was bringing out the big guns with this one.  On the top left you can see Mysterio from Spider-man.  A little bit down and to the left of Mysterio is the Shocker, also from Spider-man.  I mean, it's PRETTY good, but when you play with the big dogs, YOU'RE GONNA SEE THE TEETH.  At the bottom-center of this tray you can kinda see my boot-cookie depicting the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.  Here's were most of my cookies ended up:

AHHHH, yesssssssss.  At the top left we see a piece that I call, "Violent Crime; the disintegration of the American Morality Fortress".  Moving down and right from there is Krang.  Down and to the right of Krang is a dragon head.  In the bottom left hand corner is duck man (??).  Above the dragon head and Krang is perhaps my most ambitious piece of the year:

Using cookie scraps and some engineering know-how, I've constructed a cookie replica of Barad-dûr, Sauron's tower from the Lord of the Rings.  See how imposing the back-lighting makes it!  Look at that M&M eye peering at you through the thinly veiled courage that shrouds your soul!

The last event of the Triathlon is informally the Bailey's drink-off, which I didn't win.  

This really has been an amazing day!  I got to go to the screen-printing shop where I USED to work (and where my brother NOW works) and visit with them.  I even got to catch shirts that my brother was printing as they came off the conveyor belt.  How flipping cute is that?!?  They have a new 10-station, 8-color automatic press!  I knew it was going to be there, but wasn't informed that it came FROM THE FUTURE.  that thing was outfitted with so many sensors, motors, magnets and computers, that I was amazed that my brother had gotten the hang of it in a short amount of time.  Christmas is going to have to pull all its stops if it wants to compete with how good the 23rd has been!  Happy Holidays!


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New Leo Geo Page!

On the right you'll see a new link that will take you to the new blog for the Fizzmont Institute of Rad Science and, by extension, Leo Geo!  I'm going to be posting all sorts of images, links, and process stuff as the release date approaches!  Keep your peepers peeled!  Also, did I mention that Alec and I have started blogging for Stern Pinball?  Well, we have!  It's a ton of fun!  Alec has been posting pages from his first Zeroes to Heroes story while I've been interjecting with some pinball goodies that I've whipped up just for them.  Check it out!


Bikeman Pages 133, 134, AND 138

"Whoa, what's up with that title, Jon?!" I hear you cry!  Well, in what I can only describe as a senior moment, I reglected to post pages 133 and 134, which is a shame since 133 has the closest thing that I would call a "tender moment" in chapter 3.  Page 138 is pretty nice too.
Here is 138
Thank you to everyone that stopped by and said hi at Expozine this week!  I thought that I would be one Rad Chad if I just brought zines with me, but I just felt NAKED without my comics.  It was still a great show, and I wanted to personally thank Montreal for being SO CUTE.  For real.  I have gone to Montreal a couple of times in the past year, and every time it digs its poutine claws into me a little more.  It's also no real surprise that I completely fell in love with the bike culture.  Scamander and I would have a ball.  I got something sweet in the stables for you all this Thursday!


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Hey hey!  I got a nice review on Publisher's Weekly for Leo Geo!  The darn thing won't be out until March, but this is getting me pumped, like a tire.  Here is the link.  I'm thinking of putting a new page JUST for Leo Geo off this website...


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Bikeman Page 122

W-w-w-w-w-w-w-WHAT!?!  A talking bike!?  Well that just takes the cake!  I was getting really nervous as this page was approaching, because I didn't know how a talking bike would be received, but now, you know, I don't mind.  

Speaking of reception, I got a lovely review from the charming Rob Clough on his High-Low Blog.  You can read it here.  

Phew, I'm pooped.  I rode 50 miles today, and now all I have the energy for is slamming a slamwich and hitting the hay...


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Bikes getting cut up is really sad.  My dad had a bike when I was growing up that we named Punky Tosser.  When dad Chad and I went out to try new bikes, my dad got violently thrown off the bike while trying to not hit a squirrel.  I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance, but he was fine, and really impressed with the quality of the bike's breaks. 


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Me and my baby!

Well, well, well, well, well!  Look what we have here!  A could weeks ago, I got a couple copies of my new book, Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth.  I'm the proudest book daddy ever!  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  The cover is coated in a matte finish, as opposed to a gloss finish, which looks super-duper classy!  The interior pages are printed on a cream paper, and they have a really nice weight to them.  I'm such a book geek!

For those of you that have a copy of the old-school Leo Geo; this version has been completely redrawn, and the story has been tightened up like tight socks.

The only kicker is that the book doesn't officially come out until March 13, 2012, so for now, I just have my 3 copies left in my office for me to drool over.  I'll be bring it to conventions to show around, so if you see me, I'd love to show it to you!


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I know that I have gotten behind in my Bikeman posting...  What has happened was that I got to the end of the posts that I have pre-loaded.  I'm going to be re-loading a new batch of pages.  I just finished page 310 tonight, so that should last me for at least a little while. 

In other news, I got my copies of Leo Geo in from China two weeks ago.  The book isn't released until March 13, 2012 (!?!) but I have a couple copies under my wing in the meantime.  I'll post some photos in the soon future.