New Leo Geo Page!

On the right you'll see a new link that will take you to the new blog for the Fizzmont Institute of Rad Science and, by extension, Leo Geo!  I'm going to be posting all sorts of images, links, and process stuff as the release date approaches!  Keep your peepers peeled!  Also, did I mention that Alec and I have started blogging for Stern Pinball?  Well, we have!  It's a ton of fun!  Alec has been posting pages from his first Zeroes to Heroes story while I've been interjecting with some pinball goodies that I've whipped up just for them.  Check it out!


Bikeman Pages 133, 134, AND 138

"Whoa, what's up with that title, Jon?!" I hear you cry!  Well, in what I can only describe as a senior moment, I reglected to post pages 133 and 134, which is a shame since 133 has the closest thing that I would call a "tender moment" in chapter 3.  Page 138 is pretty nice too.
Here is 138
Thank you to everyone that stopped by and said hi at Expozine this week!  I thought that I would be one Rad Chad if I just brought zines with me, but I just felt NAKED without my comics.  It was still a great show, and I wanted to personally thank Montreal for being SO CUTE.  For real.  I have gone to Montreal a couple of times in the past year, and every time it digs its poutine claws into me a little more.  It's also no real surprise that I completely fell in love with the bike culture.  Scamander and I would have a ball.  I got something sweet in the stables for you all this Thursday!


Bikeman Page 137


Bikeman Page 136


Bikeman Page 135


Bikeman Page 132


Bikeman Page 131

Hey hey!  I got a nice review on Publisher's Weekly for Leo Geo!  The darn thing won't be out until March, but this is getting me pumped, like a tire.  Here is the link.  I'm thinking of putting a new page JUST for Leo Geo off this website...


Bikeman Page 130


Bikeman Page 129


Bikeman Page 128