Bikeman Pages 133, 134, AND 138

"Whoa, what's up with that title, Jon?!" I hear you cry!  Well, in what I can only describe as a senior moment, I reglected to post pages 133 and 134, which is a shame since 133 has the closest thing that I would call a "tender moment" in chapter 3.  Page 138 is pretty nice too.
Here is 138
Thank you to everyone that stopped by and said hi at Expozine this week!  I thought that I would be one Rad Chad if I just brought zines with me, but I just felt NAKED without my comics.  It was still a great show, and I wanted to personally thank Montreal for being SO CUTE.  For real.  I have gone to Montreal a couple of times in the past year, and every time it digs its poutine claws into me a little more.  It's also no real surprise that I completely fell in love with the bike culture.  Scamander and I would have a ball.  I got something sweet in the stables for you all this Thursday!

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