I'm a man who knows what he likes.

Man I wanted these pictures to be in the EXACT opposite order. Oh well. I tried to fine an example of daggers for eye, but I couldn't. I hope everyone has a happy new year. I just found out that I HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, so I cannot possibly hold myself accountable for the recklessness with which I approach tonight's festivities (psst-I have one beer and I'm out for the count!) ALso- please do not take my love of money as shallow materialism...just take it like that guy with the money eyes. WOOOOWWWEEEE!


Addressing the problems at hand.

First, there virtually are NO problems at hand. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Period. I love everything about it. The specials, the cooking, the decorations; I L-O-V-E it. Christmas was super-duper fantastic this year. I totally got a soup pot and some nice brown socks. Man, o man, a Jon Chad x-mas if ever there was one.

So, the problem that I was referring to in the title was the complete lack of stuff that gets posted on this blog. I've always known that I have a serious problem getting my act together and posting regularly. I end up having a pile of stuff, and then at that point I say to myself, "well, THIS will take all afternoon just to scan so, ya know, ya know..." YA KNOW!? So then I never end up posting stuff. I feel like a weeny to have a blog and not post stuff.

Also, in my defense I HAVE been working on a book for the Atlanta Braves. I think I mentioned it earlier. Now, if you spent ANY time with me in the lab, you KNOW that there was some serious ball-busting-book-drama going on between me, the MLB, my publisher, and the author. It all worked out in the end, but MAN, I think I must have faced up to EVERY single problem that can occur from within related to children's books illustrating. I finished the book on the 19th. Now, I'm just saying, I'm no Jeremy or Colleen, but I MUST have broken landspeed records with how fast I got that book off my plate. This is not to say I didn't enjoy the book! I LOVED IT. I really wanted to post some pages but I had some moral hangups. I DON'T ANYMORE, SO HERE'S A PAGE. Also-Merry X-Mas!