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  Riding on the back of someone else's bike is something I've never done, but have always wanted to.  When I used to live in Georgia, I had a bike with a rear rack, and I would give rides to the girl I was dating.  I'm sure it wasn't good for the bike or the rack, but it was fun.  Back then, I weighed around 230 lbs (not the 150 lbs that I do now!!) so I never got my chance on the back of the bike.  Oh well, I can live it vicariously through Pedl.

So, I'll stop beating around the bush!  I bought myself a pinball machine!  I am now the proud owner of a 1993 Data East Jurassic Park Machine.  I picked it up last Tuesday, and have since started the laundry list of repairs and upgrades that it needs to get up to my tough standards : )

Here's a shot of the machine in may apartment.  Now it lives next to Alec's Medieval Madness!  They're like two peas in a pod.  The machine is completely off the hook!  There's so much dino-action, it'll make your head spin!

The  T-Rex eats the ball!  Nedry has a ton of quotes!  If you hit the skill shot, a raptor EXPLODES!!  All I'm trying to say, fellahs, is that I'm living the dream!


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Pinball RAGE

I'm acutally really excited about pinball (like ALWAYS) and I have some really amazing news to share with all you guys!  Once I get a couple good pictures, I'll post them here!


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Sorry for a later Tuesday post than usual.

Fall is in full swing and the leaves haven't been the only thing that are changing.  This has been the season of new interests.  I feel like every weekend I'm getting hooked on some other sort of activity.

First, it was roller derby-ing and roller skated.  Now, granted, I still haven't gotten to skate in a roller derby game, but I'll get there!  I had seen roller derby bouts online from time to time, and I really enjoyed the sport, but it wasn't until I saw my first LIVE bout down in Northampton, MA with Colleen, Betsey, Beth, Mo, and Carol that my love of the sport was really cemented!  It was so exciting to watch!  Shortly after, me and the girls honed in on an actual, honest-to-goodness skating rink in Enfield, NH, the Great View Roller Skating Rink.  We've been going there pretty much every week, and it's been a blast!  This weekend there's a bout up in Burlington, VT that a bunch of us are going to!  GO GMDD!

Second, last Sunday Collen, Ryland, Emily and I went out my co-worker, Val Fleisher's house to watch her and her husband homebrew a pumpkin beer.  Emily and Ryland are HUGE beer aficionados, so it was really great to hang out with them and taste some really amazing beers.  I know this sounds really "frat-y" of me, but I really want to get into beer, and have a more discerning taste in beer.  I can't stress how awesome Emily and Ryland are.  They even clued me and Colleen in on a secret micro brewery in Waterbury that we're going to check out and report back on.  Read Emily's blog on beer; it's AMAZING.

Obviously, I've been riding the wave of pinballdom for awhile now, but some pretty exciting things are happening right now.  If you've been following the Drop Target Zine site, you know that our first issue has been done for a couple weeks now.  Last weekend Alec and I sent out a couple comp issues to some of the Pinball Illuminati that have been really inspirational to us.  We've been hearing back from some of them, and it's been really encouraging / exciting as all heck!  On my own personal pinball front, I might have some news for you guys in a couple days.  Until then, let's let this tempt your palette:


Have you gotten your PINBALL fix yet!?

Drop Target #1 is now available for ordering!

Now available in the Drop Target Zine shop!

DROP TARGET #1 - The Introduction Issue
52 pages - 5.5" x 8.5" - B&W printing
First Printing: 8.5" x 14" full-color centerfold, screenprinted cover

- Pinball Glossary
- TILT TALK: Interview with Multiball editors Brinda Coleman and Sam Soule
- THE REPLAY REVIEW: Star Wars: Episode I (pin2k)
- DREAM MACHINES: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Lawrence of Arabia
- PINHALLS: White River Junction, VT
- VIDEO MODE: Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball
- From Zeros to Heroes: Part 1 - OBSESSION

Oh man, you guys!  I feel bad for being the last one out of the blocks on this one, but EVERYONE should head on over to the Drop Target Zine blog and pick up a copy of the brand-spanking new zine about PINBALL by myself and Alec Longstreth.  Even if you would only consider yourself a casual fan of pinball, I know there will be something in this issue for YOU!  This zine is all about pinball, and getting excited about pinball, and I'm ecited to share it with all of you!


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