Bikeman Page 74

Hey Everybody!  I really like the last panel!

I went to Paint & Pixel this weekend and had a total blast.  It was, I'll admit, extremely exhausting.  I spent the majority of the day doing portfolio reviews for CCS.  When I was done,  I had about 15 minute left in the show.  I decided just to take a breather and not spend the last minutes of the day running around.  It was exactly what I needed but I'm pretty bummed I missed out on some good trading opportunities!! 

There's still more shows this season, though!!  I'm going to be attending the Geek Speak Super Show, which is new to me, and I have NO IDEA what to expect.  I'm also going to MECAF, which is always a thrill!

Things are getting really busy here at the school with the Thesis Project due!  Teaching-wise, things are cooling down, but I'm also in the final stages of the Leo Geo art, which is really exciting!  This whole town is putting its collective shnoz to the grindstone!

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