Nib no. 2

Alright alright alright. Next nib drawing is a couple of ruffians blowing up a train. This image tickles me pink on so many, very accessible levels. The best part is how the engine of the train is an old coal-burning model, but the car right after the coal car is a modern gasoline tanker. I guess sometimes those sorts of things happen and I'm more or less powerless to stop them from happening.

More news from the home front. When I went to SPX, I talked to Chris Staros from Top Shelf about my old Bikeman story, and he got me all excited to draw it again. So there might be a page or two of that thrown into the mix. I want to slim down the story A LOT so that it doesn't take me 4-ever to get it done.

Other news from ME; I give my visiting artist lecture today! I guess I'm not really visiting...but I have an unnessicarily long amount of time to talk about me! For awhile there, I was tempted to try and record my rambling and put it online, or send it to my grandma, but that idea has fallen victim to the acute case of shyness that has lapsed over the county of JON CHAD. Sometimes when other visiting artists, well, visit, they show images of comics they enjoy, and their inspirations. All I have is some photos I took of some artist books, and a bunch of photos of board games. I'm hoping to do a reading tonight of some of my work, and I hope that goes over well. Rhombus really likes my reading, so here's hoping I can get a chuckle or two.

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