Some more pages from my new book.

These two pages are from later in the book, and I chose them really honest-to-god good reasons. The picture of the dugout has that CREEPY-ASS MASTER with the goat eyes. I love him so much. The image with the bland Braves mascot is really terrifying. I totally didn't mean for this to happen, but the way the lighting is is really creepy. It's like they're in an alley, and they're going to get flippin' STABBED.

Other than that, things have been progressing well. I am really digging my heels in now and starting some serious work on the Bikeman story. Right now, up to page 30 is done, and I now have up to page 75 thumbnailed. All I need to do now is actually get to it! Cross my fingers, right guys!

We have a film club here at the school run by Steve Bissette and recently he's been showing a double bill on kung fu every thursday. It's been blowing my socks off! I really can't get enough of kung fu, for whatever variety of reasons. Also, one of the students here, Ryland, and I have been running our own double bills on Saturday, like, once or twice a month where we each prowl our respective kung fu collections for BAD kung fu movies. He showed Kung Fu Genius recently; where a guy gets hit SO hard in the balls that he HONEST-TO -GOD GOES CRAZY. He's literally this indecipherable heap for the rest of the movie. I've been showing some real disasters from my Godfrey Ho collection. Oh Lordy! Man, what type of school have I gotten myself wrapped up in! I am, as always, the most professional professional.

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