Bikeman Page 9

Oh man!  I've been super-duper busy getting ready for the academic year to start up.  I'm going to be teaching all new classes; it'll be a blast.  I've also been up to my neck hair in pre-SPX preparations.  I have a book that should be getting back from the printers any day now, as well as more collaborations than I've ever done.  Not to mention issue 1 of the BRAND NEW PINBALL ZINE that Alec and I are putting together!  It's going to be a thing of beauty.  This weekend I'll put up a bunch of photos of all the new stuff that'll be at the show.  For now, though, I've swiped this handy-dandy map from my partner in crime, Colleen , that shows where we're going to be.  It seems like a pretty choice spot!

Pretty Cool!  Also, I went to this WEEZER concert last night that really blew my socks off.  Once I get around to finding said socks, and putting the pieces of my BLOW MIND back together, I'll write a proper blog post.  Until then, Alec does an amazing job of summing it up right here.  It was, undoubtedly, a night that will never be forgotten.

Oh, I got an email from the FBI two nights ago and it totally reminded me that I never posted any pages from the book I did with them.  I'll try to do that this weekend too.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget your pals Pranas and Brett at table B5! ;)

Jon Chad said...

Oh man! I could never forget you guys! It's going to be completely off da hook to see you!