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With SPX right around the corner, I just wanted to show off what I'll be selling at my table (H15) with my partners in crime: Colleen, Katherine, and Laura!  As I've mentioned once (maybe twice), I'm in more collaborations in just this one show than ever before!

First, here's Daily Catch, an ocean-themed anthology with works from me and my table mates!  Here's a couple panels from mine:
Next is the pinball zine that Alec and I have feverishly been putting together.  I've been teasing you guys with little snipits of this zine for the past couple weeks but FINALLY, after a no-sleep weekend, we've put together 400 of these slick puppies.  I really pulled out all the stops on these.  If you like pinball or comics, you'll like this zine.

Colleen and I put together a little split mini that outlines what our guiltiest-most pleasures are.  I actually had a hard time with this, since my life mostly involves comics and vegetables; niether of which I'm ashamed of.  I dug down deep though, and found some stuff to draw.  Here's they are.  They come in a plethora of colors:

Here's a page of mine from the mini:

Next is a contribution I made to an anthology about time put together by the good people at the Trees and Hills comic gang.  I had a lot of fun drawing my piece.  Here's a couple of panels from mine, just to give you all a taste!

Oh man, crystals...OLD magic...I love it.  The last thing that I will have debuting at SPX this year is the second issue of my graphic novel Bikeman.  Yes, THAT Bikeman.  The VERY SAME Bikeman that I have been serializing on this site.  I already released Issue 1 last spring, which you can pick up in the store.  I'll have Issue 2, still hot from the printers, at the show, but I'll put it up for sale on my website after SPX.  For those of you that want to read ahead, feel free to pick up the books, if not, I'll still be uploading pages here every week!

I'll also have Whaletowne, The Ruby, and the Bad-Ventures of Bobo Backslack, but those are old hat.  I can't tell you how pumped I am about the show.  Oh, I'm also super into THIS.  I'm a really huge Sparks fan.  I picked up their 1974 album "Propoganda" and it COMPLETELY changed my world!


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