Sigh, I know that these transition pages must be getting tedious, so I have a little extra something something for you all.  Recently, my floor-mate (and awesome student) Laurel Leake and I held a Cat and Gold-Themed floor party.  It was ba-zonkers.  I wanted to add an extra Jon-Chad-touch to the decorations, so I screen-printed some gold and cat prints.  This was one of my first forays into halftone printing, and I was EXTREMELY surprised with how well it worked.

There were about five different cats, gold bars, gold coins, and a big money sign.  The coolest thing about these prints were that they were derived from images downloaded off the web.  72dpi.  They held up really well.  Here was my favorite:

The SAD thing is that this is the first image that comes up if you google "King Cat" on google image search.  Are you for real, Google?  'Cause, last time I checked, there was a little something called King Cat Comics!  You know, 72 issues!  Loved by all!  Ugh, whatever.  That cat is so regal, I'm going to let it slide.

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Jon Hason said...

I love your backgrounds as always!