Sigh!  Well, this is it guys!  Again, I have, by no means, exhausted the current Bikeman page surplus, but I've gotten too close to the point at which I've printed Minicomics.  The idea of starting this Bikeman webcomic was to be a sort of archive for pages that had already been released in minicomic form.  If I pass that point and start posting pages that aren't in print, it just doesn't make sense.  So, for now, this dragon is going to take a mystic slumber!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned!
Also, I haven't played the new Zelda: Skyward Sword game, but a couple people now have said that you can spot a Bikeman-esque character running one of the shops in the game .  Apparently he runs an airship and uses a bike pedaling system to keep it aloft!  My heart soooooooooons!