Bike fixed!

Now I know that all of you are going to run off and get this sweet tat, but hold your horses!  It might seem "hip" and "cool" now, but give it some time!  Think it over first!

Actually, this is a snipit from the pinball project that Alec and I are working on!  Get pumped.

In more pertinent news, I was able to fix my bike this weekend!  The real problem was that my rear cassette was all sorts of messed up, and no onehad a good 5 or 6 speed cassette that would fit on my wheel.  Well, one of the local bike shops up by Norwich had a brand new, in the bag, Shimono 6-speed cassette!  That plus a new chain and it's like a whole new bike!

Speaking of bikes, new Bikeman page tomorrow!


Alec Longstreth said...

Dude, glad you fixed up Scamander! Also, this drawing of Jar Jar is the funniest thing ever. I could never get a tatoo, but this almost makes me wish I could!

Jon Chad said...

Jar Jar giveth and Jar Jar Taketh. It's pretty much the law of the land. For all those karmic shortcomings in life, you can bet there's a Gungan Outcast behind it...