Die Cut

Oh man, I thought that there MUST be a limit to all the cool stuff that you get to do if you're a teacher but OH MAN, was I wrong.  This weekend, Colleen and I went to the Creative Habitat in Burlington.  They had a deal going on that if you are a teacher, you get a free club membership.  One of the perks to the membership, aside from the discount, is free, uninhibited use of the Accu-Cut Die Cutting machine (!!!)  They had a whole ton of different dies, and I have to admit that I went a little crazy.  They had envelopes, different boxes, fun shapes...it was a blast.

Last night Chuck and Melissa had their going away party, which was awesome, but it's very much NOT AWESOME that they're leaving...

Things I'm in love with:
1) TVP
2) Mug Bread!
3) Conan the Barbarian
4) Sudoku

Bikeman page tomorrow!

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